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Poster: rtbrno65 Date: Jun 9, 2007 2:00pm
Forum: democracy_now_vid Subject: Hello

Hi.My name is rtbrno65 and I am an internet social and political commentator. My previous posts can be found on and the Vancouver Forum. If you're interested in my Vancouver Forum posts simply go to search and put in "rtbrno65" and you can see all 64 posts without slogging through all the others.You can also google me and get into the forum that way as well. Now in terms of why I have moved here, it seems the Forum didn't dig my last post and has sent me to the woodshed. Apparently nowadays you can't even CRITICIZE racism without getting into trouble, so I'll try out this post to see if there may be a little more tolerance, and hopefully as many readers, I had almost 1000 hits in just one week. It is interesting to me the amount of generally nasty, racist posts I have read on that site, and yet my post, in which I criticized white people for inventing waldorf salad and giving us Bob Seeger, gets yanked and I get suspended. They seem to not have any problem though with people posting about how much they hate East Indians though. My post was intended to be a parody of all those nasty posts they let through but someone in charge didn't dig it, or maybe they were just tired of me in general. Oh well, I'll pitch up my medicine show tent here and see what happens.